Oostenrijkse wijnen.

e. Triebaumer

2020 Blaufränkisch Ried Gemärk

The vines sit atop clay soil directly next to lake Neusiedl between Oggau and Rust. Juicy black forest fruit coupled with subtle, but driving acidity and slight mineralic finish. Aged in used Austrian oak for 12 months before unfiltered bottling.

€15.50 incl. BTW

2016 Cuvée Ungezogen

This experimental cuvee spans over several varietals (Chardonnay, Traminer, Grüner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc, Muskateller) and left on the fine lees until November 2022. A complex multitalent, think roasted apple, pine, biscuit, almonds in a beautiful amber hue prove this to be a versatile gastronomic companion.

€20.60 incl. BTW Back in stock!

Also available at Bar Centraal.


2021 Kalk & Schiefer Weiss

A crisp blend of Grüner Veltliner and Welschriesling, matured on the lees in large oak. Lime and yellow apple balanced with some grip and salinity. Give this one some time in the glass or even better, double decant.

€15.8 incl. BTW

2021 Kalk & Schiefer Rot

A cuvee of Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent, both native Austrian grape varieties. This light drinking wine boasts dark forest fruit and black cherries, juicy acidity and a slight minerality thanks to the slate soils of the region. Easy going, perfect when lightly chilled. Falstaff 91pts.

€13.75 incl. BTW

2021 Graue Gans Grauburgunder

A 48-hour maceration gives this Grauburgunder a beautiful salmon hue. Aged in large oak, this wine boasts strawberry, apricot and yogurt notes. Unlike any Pinot Gris out there, definitely worth a try. Reblaus’ TOP PICK.

€19 incl. BTW

2020 Welschriesling Alte Reben

60-year-old vines nurture ripe, concentrated and voluptuous fruit. 7 days of whole bunch maceration, aged in new oak and clay egg on full lees. Warm pear, yellow apple, salinity and depth to no end.

€19 incl. BTW

2021 Chardonnay Ried Lindauer

Yellow tropical notes of pineapple and papaya along with slight caramel and a soft oaky touch. Rich, full and delicious, but limited supply. Keep this one a secret.

€22.2 incl. BTW Back in stock!

2021 Blaufränkisch Ried Joiser Hoflagen

A nose of violets, dark cherry and blackberry, herbaceous notes and a steak of minerality from limestone plots. Light, yet elevated, puristic Blaufränkisch. Falstaff 93pts.

€18.4 incl. BTW


2018 Blaufränkisch Ried Reisbühel

From a south-east facing site on the foothills of the Leithaberg, juicy red cherries, blackberry and raspberry, slight pepper and forest notes. Elegant, complex, luxurious.

€16.9 incl. BTW

2018 Blaufränkisch Ried Neusatz

This classic expression of Blaufränkisch comes from a calciferous south-west facing slope of the Leithaberg. Full blackberry and red cherry nose, cacao, violets, a streak of minerality and velvety tannins. Excellent with game and dark meat.

€16.9 incl. BTW

2011 Blaufränkisch Ried Neusatz

Same site, older vintage. Expect more mature notes of coffee, riper fruit and softer tannins in a perfect drinking window.

€16.9 incl. BTW

2018 Peccatum

Sinfully good! A blend of Blaufränkisch, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The bunches were reduced by half on the vine to concentrate ripeness in the remaining grapes. “A sin,” so the older generation said. Nevertheless, this pure, concentrated and powerful blend is rightfully so the flagship of Leberl.

€29.8 incl. BTW

2008 Peccatum

Incredible. The “sinfully good” flagship in its prime drinking window. Trying is believing – very limited supply.

€29.8 incl. BTW


2022 Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC

This fresh, spritzy wine is summer in a bottle! A field blend of Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Blanc, Muskateller and Chardonnay brings green apples, apricot, lime and elderflower shouldered by arrow-straight acidity and a mineral backbone. Very easy to finish, more than one bottle in the fridge is highly recommended.

€11.8 incl. BTW

2021 Wiener Gemischter Satz – Maurerberg

This ‘Lagenwein’ Wiener Gemischter Satz includes Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Neuburger, Muskat Sylvaner, Traminer, Zierfandler and Rotgipfler. Apricot, Green Apples, Honeysuckle, Elderflower and a crystal clear acidic precision make this a solid choice for drinking on it’s own or as a pairing!

€14.6 incl. BTW

2021 Wiener Gemischter Satz Ried Himmel – Maurerberg

This single vineyard of Wiener Gemischter Satz includes Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Neuburger, Muskat Sylvaner, Traminer, Zierfandler and Rotgipfler. Indeed a mouthful. Aged in some new oak, this multi-talent is creamy, elegant and absolutely charming. This wine is BIG.

€23.8 incl. BTW

2022 Grüner Veltliner Maurerberg

A classic village representation of Grüner Veltliner with immaculate precision, steely acidity and freshness. Dense green and yellow apple, rich mouthfeel thanks to prolonged lees contact. This is referential Grüner Veltliner and excellent with food.

€14.6 incl. BTW

Also available at Moche.

2021 Grüner Veltliner Ried Kadolzberg

Single vineyard, Grüner Veltliner, matured in oak. This bottle showcases Grüner Veltliner’s true qualities and aging potential. Concentrated, structured and incredibly long finish. This wine may just steal the show.

€23.8 incl. BTW

2018 Erbstück – St. Laurent

This old vineyard of St. Laurent grapes has been passed down for generations and delivers a deep, dark fruit structure with herbaceous notes and a mesmerizing length. If you like Cabernet Franc or Syrah, give this a try!

€23.8 incl. BTW

Dominik Machater


Blauer Wildbacher is a Western Styrian native variety and known for wild temperament and piercing acidity. Dominik tamed the grape and produced a wonderfully fruit-driven, highly quaffable, refreshing style of red with notes of sour cherry, raspberry and herbaceous grip. Matured in 500L used Austrian oak. Best when chilled.

€23.5 incl. BTW

Available at Cafe Remouillage.


The younger, yet bigger brother. The newest vintage (albeit with a few drops of an older barrel, hence the NV) showcases the evolution of not only the grape, but also the winemaker. Juicy blackberries and sour cherries are carried by soft acidity with well integrated tannins thanks to a touch of Austrian Stockinger barrels. Well done!

€23.5 incl. BTW


A blend of Grüner Sylvaner, Chardonnay and Gelber Muskateller. Alive and kicking, this blend is ever evolving in the glass with pronounced stone fruit, elderflower and toasty notes.

€23.5 incl. BTW

Available at Cafe Remouillage.

2022 Paula Pet Nat

Bubbly Chardonnay? Of course! This charmer comes in with warm, slightly honeyed apple notes and an irresistable fizz. An ideal brunch apero!

€21.3 incl. BTW

2022 Pepi Pet Nat

It’s Blauer Wildbacher again, in a delectably juicy red Pet Nat style: Red currant and wild strawberry kissed by a hint of residual sugar will keep you pouring this into your glass. Not to be missed and definitely the summer bubbles of 2023.

€21.3 incl. BTW

georg Nigl

2019 Fumé Blanc Alte Reben

This old vine Fumé Blanc (Sauvignon Blanc) boasts ripe yellow apple, slight salinity and hints of precise micro-oxidation reminiscent of the finest Jura wines. Unconventional, yet so inviting.

€19.7 incl. BTW

NV Grüner Veltliner Alte Reben

What do you get when you blend 2015 and 2017 vintages of old vine Grüner Veltliner that have spent 60 months on the lees and bottle them without fining, filtering or added sulfites into a single cuvée? A supremely complex, deep and captivating wine with notes of toffee’d apples, pear, hazelnuts and buttered popcorn (!).

€29.7 incl. BTW

Zur Dankbarkeit

2018 Cuvée Red

Zweigelt and Pinot Noir joined harmoniously in a rich and lively cuvée. Ripe red fruit with some peppery spice and umami finish. Limited!

€10.8 incl. BTW

2020 Zweigelt

Warm red fruits and pink pepper make up this intriguing native grape. Born of St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt (more recently called Rotburger) is the most grown grape variety in Austria. If you like the spice of Grenache, this is definitely something for you!

€12.7 incl. BTW

2017 Pinot Noir MAGNUM

This warmer style of Pinot is a great reflection of the pannonian climate as well as the soil lining the eastern shores of Lake Neusiedl. Ripe red fruit, some graphite and a spicy nose typical of the region. This is a big wine best enjoyed with some venison goulash. Decant if you can!

€38.9 incl. BTW

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